Speaker Series (2015-2016)

The Stanford University Mathematical Organization hosts a weekly talk given by a professor, grad student, or visitor about undergraduate-accessible topics in pure and applied mathematics that go beyond the standard curriculum. The purpose of this series is to expose undergraduates to some topics not normally covered in the classroom, as well as to introduce them to Stanford's faculty and community. Talks will be accessible to freshmen in the honors 50-series.

Speaker Series is held (approximately) alternate Thursdays 4:30 to 5:20pm in room 380-384H (the big classroom on the fourth floor of the math building) during Winter and Spring quarters unless otherwise noted. Food is provided afterwards.

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2015–2016 Schedule

Spring 2016

Date Speaker Talk
March 31 Lexing Ying The Fast Multipole Method
April 14 Andras Vasy Waves
April 21 Public Lecture A Special Conversation on "Behind the Man Who Knew Infinity"
Note: The Public Lecture will be held 7:30 pm in Cubberley Auditorium.
April 28 Brian Conrad Elementary integration and differential Galois theory
May 5 Public Lecture Breaking Codes and Finding Patterns
Note: The Public Lecture will be held 7:30 pm in Cubberley Auditorium.
May 12 Jenny Wilson The Fold & Cut Theorem
May 26 Tadashi Tokieda Switching gravity on and off
Note: Non-standard room location! The talk will be in Hewlett 201.

Winter 2016

Date Speaker Talk
January 7 Jacob Fox Ramsey Theory: Order from Disorder
January 21 Kannan Soundararajan Zeros of Polynomials
February 4 Brian Conrad p-adic numbers
February 18 Jan Vondrak Shannon capacity, the Lovasz theta function, and semidefinite programming
March 3 Gunnar Carlsson Topology for Big Data