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SUMO Officers

Andrew Lee

President (hkandrewlee at

I'm Andrew, and I'm a junior studying math and philosophy aspiring to work in math academia. I'm widely interested in many areas of mathematics, but my current interests are mostly in geometry and topology (i.e., things you can draw). I was a financial officer for SUMO last year, and this year I'll be a peer advisor for the math department as well as SUMO's president! I believe that everyone is capable of having joyful, meaningful, and empowering experiences with mathematics (see Ardila's four axioms), and I'm really passionate about cultivating a space within the student math community at Stanford for folks of all sorts of backgrounds to gather and learn from one another.

Nancy Jiang

Vice President (yjiang26 at

Hi! I'm Nancy, a sophomore studying math and CS. I enjoy pretty much all areas of math (minus maybe set theory), but I like to rant about probability, combinatorics, and whatever I'm studying at the moment. I'm the VP for SUMO this year, and I'm excited to be having a lot of fun and doing (a little bit of) math with all of you! Outside academics I'm interested in a career in culinary arts, poker, succulent plants, weight lifting, bouldering, etc.

Eric Gao

Financial Officer (egao2 at

Hello! I'm Eric, a rising junior studying math and economics. My interests lie in rigorously understanding what incentivizes human behavior and how institutions should be structured in response. In my free time, I enjoy biking, playing chess, and twirling (dull) butterfly knives.

Ryan Catullo

TSF Officer (rcatullo at

Hello, my name is Ryan and I am the TSF coordinator for SUMO this year. I'm a math major from Spotsylvania, Virginia and I also like computer science and am planning on coterming. In my free time I like to surf and cook.

Lisa Liu

Social Chair (lisacliu at

Helloooo! I'm Lisa from Shenzhen, China. I'm a sophomore math major and the Social Chair for SUMO this year. Still exploring my math interests, but perhaps something analysis or topology related. In my free time, I like watching/playing volleyball, watching/working on musicals, exploring good restaurants, and playing mafia (the Werewolves of Miller's Hollow).

Aaryan Sukhadia

Speaker Series Coordinator (aaryan11 at

I'm Aaryan, the Speaker Series Coordinator! This means I'll be organizing a host of events where you can come to listen to or talk about a bunch of smart math stuff! As a math major aspiring to be a professor, I'm passionate about STEM education and communication and hope to make math just a little more interesting for everyone around me. In my spare time I love doodling, playing video games and drinking too much Dr Pepper.

Becca Refaee

DEI Coordinator (becca24 at

I'm Rebecca Refaee, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer for SUMO. I'm a math major and an electrical engineering coterminal master's student. Please feel free to contact me with suggestions on how to make math more inclusive at Stanford.

Jake Hofgard

Tutoring Coordinator (whofgard at

I'm a senior from Boulder, Colorado studying mathematics and electrical engineering. His areas of interest in math (and applied math) include PDE theory, probability theory, optimization, and stochastic control. This year, I'll be continuing in my role as the tutoring coordinator for SUMO, and I'm excited for another awesome year of SUMO tutoring! Outside of math, I enjoy anything that involves the outdoors, including hiking, running, and climbing.

Lucas Perry

Webmaster (lperry1 at

HELLOOOOOO... I am a sophomore from the Bay Area who has not decided on my major yet, but hopefully I will soon. Outside academics, I enjoy ambient music, walks, plants, and sleeping, as well as geeking out with my computer.