Speaker Series (2016-2017)

Note: Starting May 2nd, talks will be moved to the Manzanita Multipurpose Room near Casper Dining.

The Stanford University Mathematical Organization hosts a weekly talk given by a professor, grad student, or visitor about undergraduate-accessible topics in pure and applied mathematics that go beyond the standard curriculum. The purpose of this series is to expose undergraduates to some topics not normally covered in the classroom, as well as to introduce them to Stanford's faculty and community. Talks will be accessible to freshmen in the 50-series.

Speaker Series is held (approximately) alternate Tuesdays 5:30 to 6:20pm during Winter and Spring quarters unless otherwise noted. Talks will be held in the Manzanita Multipurpose Room near Casper Dining (661 Escondido Road, Stanford) (previously held at the Ricker Dining Green Room at 238 Santa Teresa St, Stanford). Please feel free to bring dinner from Casper Dining into the room before the talk.

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2016–2017 Schedule

Winter 2017

Date Speaker Talk
January 10 Brian Conrad The ABC Conjecture
January 24 Kannan Soundarajan Primes fall for the gambler's fallacy
February 7 Jenny Wilson Hamming Codes
February 21 Evangelie Zachos Curve-Shortening Flow
March 7 Daniel Álvarez-Gavela Singularities of Smooth Maps

Spring 2017

Date Speaker Talk
April 11 Rafe Mazzeo Geometrization and Very Special Metrics
Note: The original April 4th talk has been re-scheduled one week later to this date, April 11th.
April 18 Alex Wright From Rational Billiards to Dynamics on Moduli Spaces
May 2 Mary Wootters Low-degree polynomials and error-correcting codes
Note: New location! Talks will be held at Manzanita Multipurpose Room for the remaining talks of the year.
May 16 Jacob Fox Arithmetic progression in dense sets
May 30 Laura Fredrickson Moduli Spaces from Geometry and Physics