Speaker Series (2013-2014)

The Stanford University Mathematical Organization hosts a weekly talk given by a professor, grad student, or visitor about undergraduate-accessible topics in pure and applied mathematics that go beyond the standard curriculum. The purpose of this series is to expose undergraduates to some topics not normally covered in the classroom, as well as to introduce them to Stanford's faculty and community. Talks will be accessible to freshmen in the honors 50-series.

Speaker Series is held each Thursday from 4:15 to 5:05 PM in 380-380C (in the basement of the math building), unless otherwise noted. Food is provided afterwards. You can get 1 unit of credit for your attendance by signing up for MATH 196; of course, you're also welcome to just show up.

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2013–2014 Schedule

Fall 2013

Date Speaker Talk
September 26 Professor Christelle Vincent The integers vs. polynomials over a finite field: Who wins?
October 3 Professor Daniel Kane Dropping Lowest Grades
October 10 Professor Satyan Devadoss (Williams College) Robot Motion Planning
October 17 Professor Brian Conrad The projective plane
October 24 Professor Greg Brumfiel Linear Fractional Transformations
October 31 Professor Hilaf Hasson To what extent does what you can prove about your model determine your model?
November 7 Daniel Litt The Music of the Spheres
November 14 No Talk! (Cancelled)
November 21 Professor Sheel Ganatra Positive-definite integral quadratic forms and the 15 theorem
November 28 No talk! (Thanksgiving Break) -
December 5 Professor Zhiwei Yun Lattices, Trees, and 2-by-2 Matrices

Winter 2014

Date Speaker Talk
January 9 Professor Kannan Soundararajan The Multiplication Table Problem
January 16 Professor Daniel Bump Combinatorial Games
January 23 Professor Tom Church Braids, permutations, and squarefree polynomials
January 30 No Talk -
February 6 Daniel Alvarez-Gavela The Hairy Ball Theorem
February 13 Otis Chodosh Discontinuities in Optimal Maps
February 20 Nancy Rodriguez Using mathematics to explore the phenomenon of social segregation
February 27 Professor Robert Finn The mathematics of surface tension, and its curious real-world implications
March 6 Dr. Mario Micallef (University of Warwick) Curvature and Holes
March 13 No talk! -

Spring 2014

Date Speaker Talk
April 3 Professor Solomon Friedberg (Boston College) Packing Primes
April 10 Brian Lawrence Fibonacci Numbers mod p, (Notes)
April 17 Etienne Ghys The Mathematics of Clothing Design
April 24 No talk this week! -
May 1 Professor Andras Vasy Is every PDE solvable? And what does this have to do with large matrices?
May 8 Professor Gunnar Carlsson Topology of Data Sets
May 15 Professor Maryam Mirzakhani Sperner's Lemma
May 22 Evan Warner Number Theory on Bubbles
May 29 Brian Conrad Elementary integration and differential Galois theory