Math Mingle


Math Mingle is a fun weekly social event where students interested in math can get together and socialize over math problems, logic puzzles, and snacks. Each week we will provide a couple related math problems and a new interesting type of logic puzzle. The atmosphere is collaborative and we encourage you to meet new people as you work together and discuss the problems and puzzles provided.

Math Mingle takes place on Fridays from 4:30 to 6:00 PM in room 380-382T. (This could change slightly from quarter to quarter--subcribe to our mailing list for updates!)

Past Math Mingles

Here are the math problems and puzzles from each week in Spring 2016.

Date Link
April 1st Geometry problems / Stained Glass
April 8th Logic and number theory problems / Satogaeri
April 15th Induction problems / Kinkonkan
April 22nd Probability problems / Shakashaka
April 29th Sangaku problems / Dosun-Fuwari
May 6th Number theory problems / Blind Spot
May 13th Magic trick problems / Nondango
May 20th Integrals / In-N-Out Loop