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We love to hear your comments and suggestions for SUMO! If there is someone you would like to hear speak, or some event that SUMO might want to think about organizing, please let us know!

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SUMO Officers

Annika Mauro

President (amauro at

Hello I'm Annika, I will be a Senior next year and will be SUMO President! I am so excited to plan a year full of events with an amazing leadership team.

Uma Dayal

Vice President (umadayal at

Hi everyone! My name is Uma and I'm super excited to be the SUMO Vice President next year! I'll be helping run SUMO with the rest of the leadership team and am looking forward to all the amazing events we are going to organize in the coming year.

Andrew Lee

Financial Officer (hkandrewlee at

Hi! I'm Andrew, rising sophomore planning to study math, philosophy, and some assortment of music and dance. I'll be the SUMO financial officer for the 2022-2023 year, and I'm looking forward to being a part of the leadership team to help foster a welcoming community for math-minded people!

Shaunak Bhandarkar

Speaker Series Coordinator (shaunakb at

Hi, I'm Shaunak and I'll be the SUMO speaker series coordinator! I'm looking forward to continue SUMO's tradition of hosting engaging and entertaining talks by a wide range of math-related speakers.

Andres Restrepo

Social Chair (andresfr at

Hi I'm Andres Restrepo and I'm the SUMO social chair! I can't wait to help plan events with the other members and make SUMO a club open to everyone.

Rebecca Refaee

DEI Coordinator (becca24 at

Hi! I'm Rebecca Refaee, SUMO's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator. Excited to help make SUMO a welcoming place for all!

Arpit Ranasaria

SMT Coordinator (arpitr at

Hi I'm Arpit - I'll be a junior next year and will be one of the SMT Coordinators! I am studying god knows what, but I like puzzles and games and will probably push you into a fountain at some point.

Katherine Yu

SMT Problem Writing Coordinator (katherineyu at

Hi, I'm Katherine, and I'm the problem writing coordinator for SMT. I'm a junior majoring in CS and minoring in math. I think competition problems are fun, and my favorite subject is geometry! I also like classical music and playing the violin.

Eric Gao

SMT Financial Officer (egao2 at

Hi everyone! I'm Eric, a freshman studying math and econ. This year, I was involved as a tournament coordinator for SMT, and I'm excited to serve SUMO as one of your financial officers, in charge of SMT!

Jake Hofgard

Tutoring Coordinator (whofgard at

Hi everyone! I'm Jake, and I'll be the tutoring coordinator for SUMO this year. I'm a junior majoring in math and minoring in electrical engineering, and I'm excited to coordinate SUMO's popular tutoring program this year!

Tae Kyu Kim

Webmaster (taekyu at

Hi! I'm Tae Kyu, currently a freshman majoring in Computer Science with a long history of math: math competitions, summer math programs, and math research! I'm so excited to be your webmaster and help organize fun events for the math community.