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The Stanford University Mathematical Organization hosts a regular talk given by a professor, grad student, or visitor about undergraduate-accessible topics in pure and applied mathematics that go beyond the standard curriculum. The purpose of this series is to expose undergraduates to some topics not normally covered in the classroom, as well as to introduce them to Stanford's faculty and community. Talks will be accessible to freshmen in the 50-series.

Past Speaker events

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2023–2024 Schedule

Fall 2023

Date Speaker Title Abstract Media
Date Speaker Talk Title Abstract Media
November 3 Shintaro Fushida-Hardy Equidissecting a square into triangles Given an integer n, can we cut a square into n equal area triangles? This turns out to be a deep problem, which we study with tools from algebra and graph theory.

Winter 2024

Date Speaker Title Abstract Media
Date Speaker Talk Title Abstract Media
February 2 Ravi Vakil What is Algebraic Geometry? An undergrad's introduction to what "algebraic geometry is", through a series of vignettes and illustrative examples, from pi to pythagorean triples to the Weil conjectures and beyond Poster \ Recording
February 16 Romain Speciel Decoding Dimension The concept of dimension may feel intuitive, but giving it precise meaning turns out to be quite intricate. In this visual voyage, we'll explore one way to understand what dimension really means, encounter shapes with fractional dimensions (whaaat), and admire how all this relates to long-standing conjectures with sweeping implications. We'll be taking the scenic route, so no background (beyond high school math) will be necessary to enjoy the sights!
Mar 1 Brian Conrad & Tadashi Tokieda Ask Us Anything Profs. Conrad and Tokieda will answer any question you have about math (except homework questions!). If there are problems, conjectures, concepts, examples or histories in mathematics you don't understand as well as you'd like, this is your chance to find out more. The discussion will be moderated mostly around undergraduate-level mathematics, though all are welcome to attend! Poster

More to come soon!!

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