Escape the Room

In the spirit of promoting problem solving, we are designing and running an Escape the Room on campus.

Past Escape the Rooms

Escape from the Titanic (2017)

Your cruise on the Titanic was rudely interrupted when the ship hit an iceberg. All the lifeboats have been taken, but rumor has it that there are some additional flotation devices hidden in this room. Can you find them and escape the ship before it sinks within the hour?

Escape from the Casino (2016)

Your plan to rob a casino went awry and now you're locked in as the cops arrive in 60 minutes. Can you figure out a way to escape and complete your heist?


If you would like to get involved with organizing and writing puzzle events or are a student group that would like to cooperate with us in the future, please contact us (sumo-general at


The Stanford University Mathematical Organization would like to thank all of its sponsors for their support in making our Escape the Room challenges and other events possible.