Other Events


Every so often, we host an informal talk or discussion led by an undergraduate or graduate student about any math-related topic of their choosing. We've had topics range from linear algebra to representation theory to cryptography to mathematics in music theory.

You are welcome not only to attend these talks, but also to sign up to give a talk yourself! You can talk about anything that interests you! If you're interested in giving a talk, contact us at sumo at math.stanford.edu.

To see a list of previous talks, see here.

Math Mingle

Math Mingle is a fun weekly social event where students interested in math can socialize over interesting mathematical ideas and free food in a laid-back atmosphere. We will occasionally provide some problems and puzzles, but you are welcome to bring in and share your own mental challenges!

Many of our officers and highly active members attend Math Mingle, so it's a great way to start getting involved with SUMO!

Math Mingle takes place on Fridays from 4:00 to 6:00 PM in room 380-381U.