SUMO Speaker Series


Fall 2010

September 22 Professor Brian Conrad Impossibility theorems for elementary integration
September 29 Olena Bormashenko How many times should you shuffle a deck of cards?
October 6 Professor Terence Tao (UCLA) The cosmic distance stepladder
Special meeting, 7:30pm, Cubberley Auditorium
October 13 Professor Persi Diaconis Random matrices and the Riemann zeta function
October 20 Professor Jeffrey Lagarias (Michigan/Stanford) A mathematical garden of forking paths
October 27 Professor Xiao-Li Meng (Harvard) The full Monte Carlo: a live performance
November 3 Anthony Bak, Jacob Bernstein, Anton Dochtermann, Joan Licata, Maryam Mirzakhani, Rob Rhoades and Yanir Rubinstein Grad school discussion panel
November 10 Nick Haber Stationary Phase and the Semiclassical Limit
November 17 Christian Liedtke Relativistic Addition and Group Theory
December 1 Dan Jerison Sabermetrics: The Mathematics of Baseball

Winter 2011

January 5 Professor Robert Finn Capillary Surfaces
January 12 Professor Brian Conrad Maximal Overhang
January 19 Ian Petrow Transcendental Numbers
January 26 Professor Yakov Eliashberg Flexible Mathematics, or Introduction to the H-Principle
February 2 Peter Storm (Jane Street Capital) Caml Trading
February 9 Professor Shing-Tung Yau (Harvard University) The shape of inner space
7:30 PM, Hewlett Teaching Center
February 16 Professor Keith Conrad (UConn/Berkeley) Why is the Riemann Hypothesis Important?
February 23 Professor Mark Lucianovic The Quantum Advantage
March 2 Professor Dan Bump Accidental Isomorphisms
March 9 Hubert Morel-Seytoux Use of Jacobian Elliptic Functions in Engineering

Spring 2011

March 30 Professor Ravi Vakil The geometry, topology and combinatorics behind linear algebra
April 6 Professor Kannan Soundararajan Fast and slow ways of finding primes
April 13 Daniel Litt Tiling Problems
April 20 Professor Manjul Bhargava (Princeton/MSRI) Linguistics, Poetry, and Mathematics
de Leeuw lecture, 7:30 PM, Cubberly Auditorium
April 27 Jesse Gell-Redman Heat Trace Asymptotics
May 4 Professor Samit Dasgupta (UC Santa Cruz) Rational Points on Elliptic Curves (and a really really difficult way to earn $1,000,000)
May 11 Elina Robeva How to win Hex by bidding
May 18 Professor Jonathan Wise What is a moduli space?
May 25 Professor David Hoffman Surfaces that Locally Minimize Area
June 1 Professor Brian Conrad Classification of Finite Simple Groups

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