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Stanford Math Tournament 2011

The 2011 Stanford Math Tournament was held on Saturday, February 19, 2011, at Stanford.

Thanks to everyone involved! Detailed results and the problems and solutions are now available. If you did not stay until the end of awards and would like us to mail you your packet containing your tests and other materials, please email Wendy Mu (wmu at stanford dot edu).

We would like to thank everyone who helped run the tournament. If you're a Stanford student or community member interested in helping out with SMT, email Wendy Mu (wmu at stanford dot edu) and/or subscribe to the SUMO mailing list.

We would also like to thank the sponsors of SMT 2011.

Don't understand the logo and shirt design? See the Shirt Design page for an explanation.

Help us improve SMT by providing feedback on the tournament. This feedback form covers the parts of the tournament that were not included on the feedback form given during the tournament, such as the fun round, tiebreakers, and the shirt design/logo. If you left early and didn't fill out the feedback form during the tournament, or if you have any additional comments related to the registration system or the tests, please state them on this form as well.

Photos from the tournament are available.

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